Heading in the right direction.


Understanding the needs of the powerful and affluent takes talent, knowledge and experience. True North Advisors works with high net-worth individuals and acts as stewards of their clients’ wealth and well-being by assisting with everything from determining life goals and risk management to corporate benefits and estate planning. True North’s client-centric approach to wealth management requires a lot of personal touches. This includes attention to details like celebrating client birthdays and remembering how many years a client has been with the firm.

Based on working with luxury clients in the past, Small Hat Studio was asked to design custom birthday and anniversary cards for True North Advisors’ clients.

 The birthday cards featured a smart headline and copy inspired by financial terminology, paired with a cool die-cut pullout. Anniversary cards were created to commemorate 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of partnership with True North Advisors. Each anniversary card had an understated look, making use of colors and shapes related to the True North logo paired with a subtle blind emboss. The presentation of the anniversary cards was completed with a custom metallic blue square envelope and sealed using a silver faux wax seal. 

Initial feedback suggests that clients have been rather bullish on both designs.