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Get Connected

Small Hat Studio proudly welcome guest Matthew Neyland to the blog! As an entrepreneur, he's found having a strong network is just as vital a resource to a business as access to capital or talent. Even if you don’t feel you are a “natural” networker or the “sales-y” type, there are plenty of ways you can develop, cultivate and grow your network. Read on!

10 Things I’ve Learned in Year One at Small Hat Studio

I’ve been running Small Hat Studio for a whole year. At times it’s stressful, at other times it’s frustrating, but in the end it is always rewarding. Here are ten things for anyone who aspires to run (or start) their own business to keep in mind.

Learn How to K.O. Procrastination

Much of my life, I’ve been one to put things off until they come to a critical head. Procrastination is a habit I struggle with daily, and it’s one that can have detrimental effects on business performance.