Alright, enough with the bad puns.

At Small Hat Studio, we've worked on a few more weightlifting-related logos. This first example in today's post was created for the 2013 American Open Weightlifting Championships hosted by the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau (DCVB) in conjunction with Spoon Barbell Club. The event will be held on December 6-8, 2013. 

The challenge with the American Open logo was creating a memorable piece of art that was bold, used a lot of type, incorporated American iconography, and needed a recognizable weightlifting element. Oh, did I mention the art had to be approved by USA Weightlifting, the DCVB and Nike Weightlifting? It did. Thankfully, Bobby Sirkis at Spoon Barbell Club took care of that. He did a great job wrangling approvals and I think we came up with a pretty darn good logo.

Next, Small Hat Studio was offered the chance to work on the logo for Spoon Barbell Club. From the Spoon Barbell Club website:

"In 1974 The Spoon Barbell Club was established in Richardson, Texas by Tom Witherspoon. Over the years the club has produced many notable lifters, including Olympians Sam Walker (Montreal 76), Chad Vaughn (Athens 2004, Beijing 2008), as well as National Sr. Champions: Sam Walker, Chad Vaughn, Gary Deal and Jim Napier, Also National Master Champions: Jed Harris, Melissa Knourek, James Aftosmis, and Gary Deal."  

Spoon Barbell Club member, Melissa Knourek. Photography by Hookgrip

Most recently, Spoon Barbell Club member Melissa Knourek competed at the 2013 World Master Games in Turin, Italy, where she not only won her 58kg division, but set a world record. (Way to go, Mel!) I think you get the point. The club is kind of a big deal.

Below you'll see the newly minted logo for Spoon Barbell Club. In short, I love it. They decided to go with a memorable logo that incorporates a wee bit o' humor and the result wins the gold medal in my book.