Little by little I seem to be making a name for myself in the CrossFit community. Based on a referral, I was recently introduced to Steve Galvan who is the founder of 210 CrossFit in San Antonio, Texas. Steve had a common problem. He was working with a designer that was flaking out on him. Galvan was fed up because his designer would not return phone calls or emails. I was only too glad to help Steve out.

I have to admit that Steve had a pretty decent logo to start with, but I thought it could use some tweaking. The problems with the old logo included:

  1. Excessive detail and distressed texture that compromised readability and reproduction
  2. The artwork for “210” did not fit into the hexagon shape very well. The interior spacing was inconsistent in several places.
  3. The word “CrossFit" could be integrated into the chevron shape a little better.
  4. The 1 in “210” did not read very well as a numeral and the zero kind of looked like a letter “D”.
  5. The dark red color did not separate well from the black elements. I think this is why the designer separated the red from the black with a white rule. I recommended a brighter red for better contrast and removing the white rule.
  6. The artwork looked really “flat”. Even though it had an aggressive shape, it lacked movement.
  7. Finally, the word “CrossFit” needed to be a little more prominent.

I know that seems like a ton of stuff, but really the idea was there – it just needed refinement. Once I pointed these things out to Steve, he became excited to see what I was going to come up with. The old logo is on the left and the newly updated 210 CrossFit logo is on the right.

The previous 210 CrossFit logo.

The newly updated logo for 210 CrossFit.