Photography by  Firebird Images .

Photography by Firebird Images.

Every once in a while you agree to work on a project just because it sounds fun. This was certainly the case when I was approached by my long-time college friend, Justin Henderson, and charged with creating a logo for his burlesque alter ego Mooseknuckle Thunder Molotov.

What is burlesque you ask? Burlesque is theatrical entertainment often featuring a dancer performing a humorous routine, a comic skit and sometimes a striptease act. In the case of female performers it is called "burlesque" – for male performers it is often referred to as "boylesque."

As both an emcee and boylesque performer, M. T. Molotov needed a logo mark that represented Mr. Henderson's personal style and was evocative of burlesque's ties to the early 20th Century. In addition to Justin's signature red hair and waxed mustache, the M. T. Molotov logo features 1920s-inspired typography, an illustrated vintage hat and of course a smart-looking bowtie. How dapper!

Photography courtesy of Lisa Loving.

If you get a change to see boylesque in person, I highly recommend it. It's a bawdy, slightly-naughty, good time. I think my ears are still ringing from all the cat calls.

For more information on burlesque in Dallas/Fort Worth, visit DFW Burlesque.